Generic PBR Furniture : pack 01

Made for architecture, serious games, video games... Anything that requires optimized furniture models within Unity 5! This asset package bundle together different furniture models made for your virtual experiences. Those models are high definition and have been made with a care for realism. They have been modeled using different references, half are made from an early twentieth century north american style, and the other half made from a more contemporary universal style. You can easily modify them using Substance Designer exposed parameters, letting you adjust them to fit more easily to your projects!

What’s in this package?

  • 70 optimized models for high quality realistic rendering (with lower resolution colliders (mesh colliders))

  • 2 generic substances with exposed parameters for quick editing their look (color, normal, roughness)

  • 30 smaller complementary specific models to garnish the scene
  • 1 specific substance with normal baked details with some parameters to quickly tweak their base color
  • A test scene with baked directional lightmaps

Advantages of using this type of models:

  • Minimal usage of materials (All the model uvs fit on one texture uv space)

  • Materials can be swapped and modified to add more diversity to a scene